Work Less, Earn More: How Tom Followed the “Buddha Blueprint” to Move from a Fortune 100 Company to a Better Life

Life in the corporate fast lane brings lots of perks—good money, great benefits, power, influence.

But this kind of success comes with a cost. Too often that cost is paid in poor health, loss of time with family and friends, and diminished quality of life.

All work and no play can have more serious consequences than dullness. Let it go on too long, and it can ruin your life.

From Corporate Burnout to a Healthy, Connected Life

Some people would say Tom had it made. Before he met Alex, he was in the corporate world. Working for a Fortune 100 company, Tom was making a six-figure income with benefits: 401k, health insurance, the works. As a high-powered supervisor of 17 employees, he was well paid and respected.

But there was a catch.

His job meant Tom had to work 60 to 70 hours a week. On top of that, he was in government contracting and spent 30 to 40 weeks traveling every year.

Travel and stress made it hard to exercise and eat right. Tom saw his weight climb to 335 pounds. His blood pressure was through the roof. He was on medication. He knew he was headed for burnout.

At the young age of 47, Tom’s physical and mental health were in danger.

Even worse, he had no time to focus on quality of life. As Tom puts it, “Everything was just work, work, work, work, work. . . .You know, when you’re living like that, everybody thinks it’s great to have a job, a Fortune 100 company job with a six-figure salary and all those benefits, but there’s no quality of life there.”

He looked around one day only to realize he’d been missing out on personal life, friends, family. Being on the road so much meant he hadn’t been there for his son during many of his most informative years.

“He played two years of high school football. I never went to a game. That’s pathetic, right?”

Tom’s feeling of regret extended beyond seeing his son compete. He didn’t have time to help his “super smart” kid find a good school.

Tom realized that he wasn’t connecting his son, and that this was hurting both of them.

Something had to change. Tom had to find a way to work less and earn more.

Regaining Quality of Life (How Alex Dee Showed a New Way Forward)

After scouring the Internet for alternatives to his punishing corporate lifestyle Tom had come up empty. “I tried another couple of other programs. They were garbage,” he says.

It was at this crucial point in Tom’s life that he met Alex.

Even before attending a webinar, Tom knew this business was different. So, he left his number.

And when Alex called back, things began to fall into place. “Alex just resonated with me,” he says.

Tom and Alex have similar work backgrounds. Both had lived that super-fast, super-stressful corporate-world life. Alex had been in private equity. He, too, had learned that good pay often comes with a punishing schedule. Too much travel, no time for self or family. No time for life.

Alex’s upbeat energy and enthusiasm convinced Tom things could change for the better.

“It’s contagious. It invigorates you just to be around the guy.”

Alex has been there, and he’s figured out a way to enjoy the income that comes with success by fostering a balanced lifestyle. Instead of spending all his time working, Alex was able to stay connected with his family and the important things in life.

And he was ready to share what he had learned. Alex’s training program is like a blueprint. You just plug into the system and it does all the heavy lifting.

As Tom puts it, with Alex’s program and mentoring, “You pretty much make stupid money working 15 hours a week.”

Tom credits Alex’s mentorship for turning his life around. He compares Alex to the energizer bunny, calling him “the next Tony Robbins.”

Alex provided what Tom calls “the Buddha blueprint,” or “the road to peace, the road to happiness.”

The program’s automation and outsourcing make the system work.

“My belief level is through the sky,” Tom says.

Changes for the Better—In a Very Short Time

Tom originally set out to find a business that let him work less and earn more. He was ready to leave the corporate rat race and have more time for his family, friends, and a healthy lifestyle. And with Alex’s mentorship and ready-to-use program, he could do that without losing income.

Even better, Tom’s hard work under Alex’s mentorship began to show results almost immediately.

Tom was motivated and enthusiastic. And in one week—between February 1 and February 6—he made $41,000.

After only three months, Tom had matched his annual corporate salary.

Working less and earning more helped him make great changes in his health. He lost 50 pounds. He stopped taking medication. He’s been working out, eating whole foods, and getting healthy.

And, just as important to Tom, he now has time to spend with his family.

Tom works about 15 hours a week and gives back about 15 hours a week to the community.

He’s satisfied knowing he made a positive turnaround in his own life. “I could go fishing for the next nine months,” he jokes. “But I’m going to grow my business and help my team.”

The opportunity to learn from someone who’s already making millions, who’s very successful and positive, is there for the taking.

Tom’s advice?

“Jump on that… If you can follow instructions, you can work this business.”

The income potential of Alex’s program is “explosive.”

As the now healthy and happy Tom says, “We have something life-changing.”

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How did Tom go from corporate burnout to a healthy life? And how can you achieve the same results?

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