Work from Anywhere: I’m in Beautiful Mt. Shasta and Feeling Rejuvenated

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Do you fantasize about quitting your job and travelling around the world?

Are money and time the only things holding you back from your dream vacation?

The only way to earn back your freedom and time is by earning money from home. With home based work, you can travel while you make money.

Work Part Time While You Travel

When you run a successful online business, you give yourself the freedom to work from anywhere. I recently had the opportunity to vacation at beautiful Mount Shasta, a 15,000-foot peak in California’s Cascade chain. And, I made money while I relaxed and traveled.

Instead of being stuck working your 9-to-5, consider what it would be like to earn while you explore hiking and biking trails; view spectacular mountain vistas; and swim in crystal-clear lakes in the California countryside.

I’m making money on vacation. So can you.

A 15,000 Foot View

“Hey everyone! I tried to do a Facebook live video, but there’s no connection when you’re so high up in the air.

We’re at Mount Shasta. It’s about six hours up from San Francisco. Just one of the eight spiritual vortexes in the world. It’s so beautiful and the energy here is insane! Within 50 miles of this place it just seems very light. It’s super cool.

I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s really surreal. I came out here for my cousin’s wedding once and loved it. I’ve been telling Ozzy about it and she said, “Hey, we’re in San Fran, let’s go there!” I thought it was a great idea. We’re going to check out the lakes now.

The energy here is great. If you guys ever have a chance to visit, definitely come. It’s not more than a day trip but the energy here will make you feel awesome and leave you rejuvenated and reignited and help you conquer your goals.

Alright, love you guys. Just wanted to share this with you and we’ll see you on the next one.”

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Pack Your Bags for Your Dream Vacation

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