The Importance of Customer Satisfaction and 3 Ways to Encourage It

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Many independent professionals claim that customer satisfaction is the newest and best marketing strategy.

And, they could be on to something.

Here’s why.

Winning a customer costs lots of money. Losing a customer costs lots of money. But, retaining a customer costs little money comparatively.

Now, it does take a great deal of deliberate effort to retain a customer, but your business will reap the rewards in monetary ways.

Some people are still stuck in the mindset that customer satisfaction is simply established by filling out a boring survey at the end of a transaction.


That strategy died off long ago. Instead, check out these 3 surefire ways every business owner can encourage ongoing customer satisfaction.

1. Avoid the Mistake of Over-Promising

Most people are over the “too good to be true” sales strategy. In fact, people tend to see right through it.

But, they don’t always know when a business has over-promised until it’s too late. At that point, they’ve already made up their minds not to return for more disappointing business.

You want to have the exact opposite impact on your customers.

Yes, of course, intrigue them with your wonderful products. But, that intrigue has to be built on solid facts and the truth. No exceptions.

To establish customer satisfaction, you should set customer expectations up early in your relationship. The customer should know exactly what they are getting from you so as not to be disappointed.

If anything, under promise and over deliver rather than the opposite.

2. Fine Tune Your Listening Skills

It would do you well to remember this one fact: customers are people and people are always talking.

When they’re doing business with you, they’re talking about your business. It’s up to you to pay attention.

It doesn’t matter whether you have any type of face-to-face interactions with your customers. There are many ways to encourage feedback from your customers and therefore, many ways for you to hear them out and guarantee customer satisfaction.

You can even solicit feedback from the customer when you follow-up with them after a sale. For example, you could ask if they were satisfied or even how you could have done things better.

Your goal is to figure out if you’re meeting their expectations. And if you’re not, then your job is to figure out how you can do so. Start by actively listening to customer complaints and requests.

Don’t just stop there, either. Take notes. Test their suggestions against your own business strategy. It just may be that they’re onto something.

3. Focus on Building Loyalty

Gone are the days of one-time transactions. The reason why people kissed them goodbye is that the world is fickle, especially the online world.

When people find a business on which they can depend, they feel connected to it and they come back to it.

For this reason, it’s important for you to nurture the relationship between you and your customer. The interaction can’t end when you close your virtual cash drawer.

The way you nurture customer satisfaction is by educating your customers through your blog, remembering special occasions in their lives, or even offering them freebies and special deals.

The best catapult into fostering this type of relationship is simply to capture their email at the time of the sale. Then, you need to be dedicated to staying connected to them.

Keep in mind that this connection isn’t just limited to email. Use social media as a support channel. And remain consistent across all platforms to increase customer satisfaction, as well.

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