Tasks Piling Up? 8 Outsourcing Pros & Cons

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At some point, most small business people realize that being in charge comes with tasks that they simply don’t like, don’t do well, or don’t know how to squeeze into a schedule full of more pressing matters.

So, as talented as you are, you probably aren’t great at everything or able to drum up enthusiasm for more mundane business-related tasks. Don’t feel bad.

It’s okay to admit that you hate payroll.

It’s fine that just the thought of certain custodial tasks gives you hives.

You just might be ready to seek outside help. Why not consider the following outsourcing pros and cons? Determine for yourself whether contracted support might offer the breathing room you need or could be more hassle than help.

8 Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Consider your time
Pro: Outsourcing various tasks can increase the amount of time and mental space available for you and your team to spend on preferred tasks and projects.

Con: Because you aren’t in control of the outsourced task, you may experience slow turnaround or other scheduling issues that slow down in-house productivity.

Consider your team

Pro: You and your team may enjoy more personal freedom as a result of outsourced menial tasks. More time for rest, loved ones, and hobbies helps secure a happier work environment and improved work/life balance. The ability to practice self-care that serves your company well on long-term basis is advantageous.

Con: Establishing effective communication and seamless interactions between your team and the contracted workers may be difficult at times. Both sides may express some frustration that you’ll have to manage. This could prove stressful for everyone.

Consider your cash flow

Pro: You may see a significant drop in labor costs as a result of outsourcing. Contracting allows you to obtain task completion without putting money and resources into recruiting and long-term hiring. Lowering personnel expenses this way may result in an ability to expand spending on growing your business.

Con: Hired help outside your business may not be tuned into the culture and nuances of your small business machine. This could lead to reduced quality control and more time-consuming management tasks directed at contractors. Supervising may actually end up biting into any savings you anticipated if you aren’t careful.

Consider your need for control

Pro: Are you excited by dipping into a much bigger talent pool? Outsourcing can get you connected with more people and more ideas. Those specific tasks your team hasn’t the skills or knowledge to complete isn’t necessarily a huge obstacle because you can tap specialized workers who can provide quality results.

Con: Are you a micromanager? Outsourcing might be tough for you. The eagle eye you use to oversee your in-house team won’t help much if you outsource. Outsourcing is an exercise in trust. You’ll have to decide if trusting a contractor to efficiently and effectively execute tasks is something you can handle.

There’s no shame in the outsourcing game

There’s no shame in seeking help.

All in all, these outsourcing pros and cons are meant to help you find ways to prevent the following common small business issues:

  • Procrastination. Outsourcing reduces the tendency to put things off or create inefficiency.
  • Suffering in silence. You don’t want to start dreading your dream job.
  • Overextending current team members. You don’t want to lose good people.

Weighing outsourcing pros and cons is not a concession of any type. In fact, you’re making a wise business assessment. Good help is great if you need it. Outsourcing may be a way to get the right help at the right time. You decide.

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