Steve’s Story: From Living on Family Savings to Saving the Family

Hard times for an industry means harder times for the people who work in it.

Steve, a proud Texan from Dallas, had made his mark in the oil industry. For almost 26 years, he had a successful career in technical sales, mostly to the oil and gas industry.

He was doing fine.

Steve prided himself on being a good provider for his family. Their home, though mortgaged, was comfortable. The kids were in school.

Steve’s job kept him traveling—lugging around 60-pound cases of products and handling the stresses of a salesman’s life. But he was doing well, making, in a good year, nearly $200,000.

Surviving the Shock of Industry Changes

Then, a few years ago the oil and gas industry, in Steve’s words, “took a nosedive.”

Oil prices went down. There were shifts in supply and demand. It was a buyer’s market. Following instinct, companies opted for mass layoffs while prices stayed soft.

Bad news for the industry meant loads of pain for individuals.

Steve saw a lot of his friends get laid off. Companies shut down. As Steve points out, it’s “difficult to sell anything to anybody when the building’s empty.”

Steve’s employer also felt the industry’s pain. There was massive downsizing. “We went from a total of 25 employees down to about 6, before they let me go. So it was tough. It was tough and unexpected.”

And the pain didn’t go away. Steve points out that this was a “once-in-a-lifetime shift of an entire industry—and it still hasn’t come back.”

Being laid off after 25 years was no picnic. Steve was in a bad place.

It didn’t take long before he and his family were hurting. Steve recalls that he was “running through a lot of money just to pay the bills and keep the kids in school, and everything that people have to do.” He was digging into family savings and about to hit the wall.

Looking for a replacement job was a needle-in-a-haystack task.

Steve and his family were at a point where they were thinking, “we’re not going to own this house very long. The bank’s gonna have it.”

What Steve was worried about most was his family. He needed to take care of them with more than family savings. He knew they were in trouble. They knew they were in trouble.

Throughout it all, his family trusted him. And their trust energized him to keep looking. He intensified his search.

Then, online, he came across one of Alex Dee’s YouTube videos.

Risking Major Change: Choosing to Work with Alex

Steve was intrigued by the video of Alex’s first event, located in Laguna Beach.

What caught Steve’s attention was that everybody seemed so happy. They were in a beautiful place, and they were talking about how the business they were in had changed their lives. Steve thought, “This is interesting. I’ve got to look into this more.”

He set up a phone call with Alex. After just a few minutes of talking, Alex got him on a webinar so Steve could see the whole business system.

The webinar made an impression. “Quite frankly, it was shocking to me,” Steve says. “I had never seen anything like it. It was not the world I had been in before—parts and pieces, carrying demo cases, and travel, and all that kind of stuff for work.”

Once Steve learned about the products, heard about the community, and saw the business strategy, he realized how powerful Alex’s system is. The system uses automation and outsourcing to leverage and scale the business. It looked doable.

And so, Steve started working with Alex.

The Positive Results of a Major Career Change

Entering a completely new line of business takes guts and hard work. But, for Steve, positive changes came relatively quickly.

Steve was conscious that he was a newbie to the online business world. “I’m not out of IT or the computer world or the online world, or anything like that,” he admits. There’s a “little bit of a learning curve.” But with focus and a few weeks of time, the learning happened.

Steve compares it in difficulty to changing your brand of smartphone. Though daunting in the beginning, as you learn the system. “You get the support, you get the mentoring, you get the training, you get comfortable, and you take off. The sky’s the limit,” he says. “We all have lofty goals now, goals that we never thought we could attain.”

And Steve made the system work him for him fast—just over 9 months.

“I’ve made more money in this business in a little over 9 months than I ever made in my sales career, and I had some good years.”

Steve recalls some years when he made $150,000 as a salesman, with a $50,000 bonus. Yet, since he began to work with Alex, a little over nine months ago, he’s made well over $200,000!

In this business, “you can replace your income, even if it’s a high income.” No more depleting the family savings.

To explain what the program offers and what he’s achieved, Steve explains, “Alex and the founders have designed a way for us to be independent business owners. We get these fantastic systems. It’s almost like the perfect storm of goodness.”

And he credits Alex’s mentorship for much of his success. “I don’t think he’s a one-in-a-million person. I think he may be one in 10 million or one in 100 million. . . . If you get just one of those people in your life, you’re very blessed.”

Steve sums up the advantages of Alex’s system and having him as your mentor. “Everything is in place. And sure, you’re going to learn new things, but they’re not hard. And it’s gonna be fun, and it’s gonna be extremely rewarding. And you’re going to get support, and you’re going to get a mentor in Alex that is second to none.”

Saving the Family

Steve’s family was his chief concern during the lean times, after he was laid off. “If it was just me, I’d be OK,” he told his wife. “But when it’s your family, it’s different. I don’t know what would have happened to my family if I hadn’t found this. I don’t want to know.”

On this side of the crisis that caused his career change, he feels a huge weight removed from his shoulders. “I can breathe,” he says. “I’m not worried about them.”

He is grateful not to be stuck in the “gerbil wheel” of 70 hours a week plus travel. He’s also grateful to his family for allowing him to explore and do what he needed to do to take care of them. “I’m here now. I’m happy, my family’s happy. Everything’s good.”

How You Can Boost Your Family Savings and Save Your Family

Steve’s online search led him to a new kind of business success, one that let him more than replace the salary he lost. He went from living on family savings to saving his family.

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