How to Get Out of Debt Fast? A Single Mom’s Answer

Leilani learned the hard way that shouldering the financial load as a single mom is no picnic.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 10 million families in this country are led by single mothers. That’s three times the number of single-mom-led families in 1960. And overwhelmingly, they provide for the needs of their households alone.

Leilani was doing it all, and more. She was working multiple jobs, taking on extra gigs like dog sitting and driving people to the airport for $5 a ride. She was renting out parking space on her lot, rotating babysitters, and sleeping only four hours a night. And in spite of all of this, she was still dealing with calls from bill collectors and threats of foreclosure on her house.

She needed to get out of debt fast.

To make it worse, because of her punishing workload, Leilani was almost a stranger to her four-and-a-half-year-old son. She had to trust him to babysitters while she was at work. And her busy schedule meant she was gone a lot. “I almost never saw him,” she says. “I could barely eat!”

Leilani was shocked to realize that when her son learned to speak, he spoke Spanish instead of English because of all the time he had spent with Spanish-speaking babysitters. She actually found herself trying to learn Spanish and speaking to him in Spanglish. Yes, Leilani was having trouble communicating with her own son!

How could she help him grow spiritually and mentally? How could she support his spirit or teach him values? She needed to spend time with him. He needed her. And he wanted to be with her.

It was heartbreaking. Leilani didn’t want to miss those important years. She wanted to help him cultivate his spirit, his mind, and to help him grow into a man. She was sick of spending every minute working just to put food on the table and keep a roof over his head.

Leilani had business skills, and she longed to run her own business. But she was trapped in the never-ending cycle of financial stress. Even with all those hours of hard work, she was falling farther and farther behind.

The situation reached the breaking point when, one day at her day job, she got a phone call. Her One of her babysitters had found a higher-paying job and would no longer be able to come on Mondays. But Leilani had no one else to care for her son. Plus, she had used up all her sick days taking her son to the doctor and running other necessary errands. She had no more days off if she wanted to keep her job. And no backup plan.

So stressed out she “couldn’t even think,” Leilani retreated to the women’s bathroom and broke down in sobs.

At that point, she decided to take a brave and scary step. She quit her job.

It was a desperate move. But, she confesses, “I knew that moment that I had to do something different.” She adds that she needed time “to clear my head and figure something out.”

And then she met Alex.

With his help, Leilani beat the odds. She managed to get out of debt fast and found success both as a mom and as a businesswoman. Read on to find out how.

Choosing to Work with Alex

The day Leilani quit her job she picked up her son. In the car, he said, “Mommy, are you going to work today?” She told him, “Mommy’s not going to work. Mommy’s never going to go to work again. What would you like to do? Where would you like to go?”

Leilani’s promise to her son came true because she found both a business model and a mentor. Alex Dee became her coach and cheering squad, her teacher and encourager.

Alex immediately recognized that Leilani’s business background and skill sets gave her an advantage. As she began learning his business system, she saw its potential and, in turn, became reacquainted with her own.

Leilani instantly understood the advantages of the system she was learning. And Alex impressed her. “He’s so phenomenal with it,” she says. But it was Alex’s understanding of her dilemma—how to mix family responsibilities with a successful business life—that made him stand out among mentors.

Soon, he gave her more tasks to help accelerate her income. With each advance, Leilani saw her value as a businesswoman grow more and more. She felt successful again.

“Before I was a mom, I was an extraordinary businesswoman,” she says. “But when I became a mom, that was my priority.” Yet, at the same time, she missed the challenge of her business days and exercising her business skills.

Perhaps, for Leilani, the best part of her current business career is that she does not have to sacrifice time with her family. “I never found anything before that allowed me to be both mom and business person,” she stresses.

Successfully Combining Business and Motherhood

Leilani’s skills, hard work, and enthusiasm for business carried her a long way. With Alex’s help and coaching, she pursued success and found it.

Alex’s mentorship brought Leilani an additional benefit. “Alex loves and respects family. And he’s great with kids.” In fact, Alex was such an attentive coach and mentor that he became “family” to Leilani. Her son refers to him as “Uncle Alex,” and Leilani says of his connection to her, “he’s like a big brother.”

It took guts for Leilani to quit her job, get out of the rat race, set her priorities, and start over. But she took those necessary steps. And now her life is a rewarding mix of time spent with her son and other family members and satisfying work.

She can stand tall, knowing she’s out of debt, financially secure, and has a business she’s proud of. Instead of taking years, Leilani achieved her goal to get out of debt fast—in just months. But best of all, she has a job that lets her be herself, combining motherhood and business skills.

How to Get Out of Debt Fast

You, too, can get out of debt fast. Even better, you can find rewarding work that brings in a great income, in about 15 hours a week!

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