How Jerry Went from Survival Mode to Living the Dream on His Retirement Income

Many of us work long hours for years, only to realize that we still don’t have the time and resources to get beyond mere survival.

Creating the life we’ve dreamed about seems impossible.

This story tells one man’s journey from just getting by to going beyond survival. Jerry found a way to realize a dream he didn’t even know he had.

With the help of his mentor, Alex Dee, Jerry gained retirement income, a chance to travel, time for family and friends, and the opportunity to fulfill his dream of helping other people succeed.

Retirement Income, Helping People, or the Status Quo?

Thinking about retirement? So was Jerry. He describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur.”

Before he met Alex Dee, his work life in consumer finance meant spending 12 hours behind a computer, “sometimes 6 days a week, sometimes sliding into 7.” But even working all those long hours for years, Jerry wasn’t where he wanted to be with his finances or in his life.

Although all those hours at the computer enabled him to get by, they didn’t make saving for retirement possible. And after paying the bills, raising kids, and taking care of life’s problems, Jerry didn’t have time to even think about living the life of his dreams.

“I didn’t know what my dream was, I just knew I wasn’t living it,” he notes. But Jerry did have dreams, though he couldn’t articulate them.

“Financially,” Jerry says, “I was doing OK. I was making ends meet—just barely—but I wasn’t getting ahead.” Retirement income wasn’t in the picture. And being in “survival mode” didn’t let him do what he really liked to do—help people and give back.

“My dream actually sat on the other side of survival mode,” he recalls. He had a vague idea of what his dream was. But being caught up in paying the bills, trying to bring up his kids properly, and caring for all other demands, he didn’t have time to do the good things in life that he wanted to do.

What Changed to Make Jerry’s Dream Possible?

When Jerry decided to start working with Alex Dee as his mentor, everything changed.

From his work in consumer finance, Jerry was familiar with people who were desperate. “I think the world we live in is filled with broken promises and broken systems, and it’s just bringing people down,” he comments. “I just want to help people succeed in their lives.”

Jerry’s new business venture makes that possible for him do that now. “It was always my dream to make a 6-figure income in 30 days,” he admits. And he thought he’d be excited when it would happen. But when that moment came, he wasn’t even thinking much about it because he was so busy helping other people to be successful.

It wasn’t about the money. It was about what the money let him do.

Jerry says he feels powerful, and that gives him the opportunity to empower other people. “I tell them, ‘we’re sitting here talking [as though] it’s about the money. But really, it’s not about the money. It’s about getting on the other side of that money and deciding what your life is about.’”

And he’s talking from experience.

Jerry retirement income allows him to have time to travel now—something he’s not been able to do since he was a young man. He can take time to see musicians, go to weddings, and vacation with family and friends—including a five-weeks-long trip to Asia.

“I’m 67 years old, and I haven’t done that kind of thing in 40 years!” he declares.

Things Can Change for You as They Did for Jerry

Jerry doesn’t “work” anymore. Instead, he does what he loves to do. “Thank you, Alex Dee,” he says.

Now, Jerry is concentrating on helping other people and not thinking about the money. “I can open up my heart, and live my life, and follow my dreams, and know that I’m not going to get—smothered. I’m not going to slip through the cracks.”

If you continue to do the same thing over and over and it’s not working for you, then nothing will change.

Jerry urges you to try something different.

“You have to have faith and surrender and just try it. The worst thing that’s gonna happen is you’re gonna fail.” But failure isn’t the problem. Most people who examine a program like the one Alex Dee offers are looking into it because what they’re currently doing isn’t working for them.

This is the program that works!

You can’t get away from changes. Jerry points out that in the next two decades, 30 to 50% of current jobs will be gone. He refers to the changes that have happened in the last 10 years because of inventions like the smartphone, which has come to dominate our lives.

The world we live in is changing—fast—and that makes people nervous. But change is going to happen. And Jerry believes that the changes are going to be good. Our biggest obstacle is fear of change.

“What I’m doing—it works,” says Jerry. “I’m a living testament of that.”

And the business Jerry is in now? “It’s a real business,” he says. “What’s worrisome is just the fear of change.”

Overcome Your Fear of Change

How did Jerry move from survival mode to the other side, with enough money to fund his retirement, free his time to travel, enjoy friends and family, and fulfill his dream of helping others succeed?

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