Fast Money: How Massimo Listened and Learned His Way to an Executive-Level Income

Anybody who’s tried it knows—running your own small business can be tough.

Instead of fast money, hard work and long hours can bring the knowledge that you’re losing ground fast.

Massimo knows first-hand the problems you take on when you start your own small business.

You’re responsible for getting the work, doing the work, and getting paid for the work. You give up time, energy, brain space, and money in any startup.

And the gamble is a big one. The reward, if it comes, is an up-and-running operation that makes a good living. But it takes hard work and sacrifice.

Massimo’s hard work and sacrifice did not reward him with success. Instead, his brick-and-mortar cleaning business was killing him.

Small Business Headaches

With its clientele of realtors, Massimo’s cleaning business focused on “trash-outs”—clearing vacant, abandoned homes for resale.

As a one-man operation, Massimo had to find his realtor customers, arrange the schedule, purchase and maintain equipment and supplies, travel to job sites, and do the cleaning. And after all of that, he also had to perform other time-consuming business duties like customer relations and communication, administration, billing, and collection.

It was exhausting.

It’s not that Massimo didn’t work hard. He did. He was putting in 16-hour days. In his own words, “I was throwing my whole life at it.”

No Time for Family

It was painful. Massimo was sacrificing time with his family—his kids. Because of his crushing work schedule, he wasn’t spending time with them. “I never saw my kids,” he bemoans.

And you can’t get back the time you lose with your kids when they’re young. Missing out on events that are important to them leaves scars. It’s sad when your dad has no time to play games with you.

Family time together is cherished by parents, but it’s absolutely necessary for kids.

Money Woes

The worst part of it all? His sacrifice of time and energy wasn’t making money to support them.

Working all the time for little pay left him discouraged and down and his family was suffering as well. Not only were they missing out on quality time with their dad, he wasn’t even earning enough to provide them with what they needed.

It was a bad deal all around.

The shifting real estate market meant the business opportunities weren’t always there. Massimo didn’t have much money, and what did he have, he says, “instantly disappeared on bills. I could never get ahead.” He felt like a slave. “You’re constantly a slave to getting money—inadequate money. It’s a very painful experience.”

The harder he worked, the less time he had to plan a way out. It was like being caught in an endless loop.

“The only time you have time enough to breathe in life, to actually formulate a plan, is when you have money.” And he didn’t have either—time or money.

The Search for a Solution

Eventually, though, Massimo began searching online for business ideas—he had to find a way out of his dilemma

However, all the ideas he found had a major drawback. They were too low on income potential, with no chance for fast money. Being an Uber driver, selling things on eBay, or bidding for small jobs on Fiverr was just not going to cut it.

Then he found Alex Dee.

“I was losing my mind about what I’m going to do next before Alex introduced me to his way of doing business.”

The Big Turnaround

After Massimo saw his first 8FigureDreamLifestyle video, took the webinar, and connected with Alex, things changed—and quickly.

He now had a mentor.

Alex Dee’s way of doing business is both energetic and thorough. In less time than he thought possible, Massimo was on his way.

The change was dramatic. Within 3 – 5 weeks things became a lot easier. Instead of spinning his wheels, Massimo was on the fast track to fast money.

“It was night and day!”

Alex’s mentorship turned around Massimo’s ideas of how a business should work. And that understanding turned around Massimo’s life.

Coach and Teacher

With Alex’s coaching, Massimo saw results almost immediately. He began to see earnings of $20,000 a month. Then $30,000, $50,000, $80,000 a month.

“That’s incredible,” he asserts. Fast money had replaced working long hours for inadequate money.

And Massimo credits it all to Alex’s teaching.

“Alex definitely is a teacher,” he says. “He is a great mentor. He has the ability to inspire people and to make them believe in themselves. [And] he has the ability to help people with their mindsets.”

But what impresses Massimo the most is Alex’s ability to execute right away. “Once he thinks of something, it’s as good as done. He goes on to the next thing.”

If a problem arises, Alex comes up with a solution and executes.

Massimo firmly believes that the best way to learn from someone like Alex is to listen. “If you’re going to be associated with someone like Alex, listen. He’s figured out a different formula. He looked at many different business models he’s come up with a formula that has expanded rapidly.”

You Can Earn an Executive-level Income

Anyone who’s associated with Alex Dee can make an executive-level income. Listen to what Alex has to say and be “coachable” in his presence, and you’re going to be successful.

Model yourself on Alex, and like Massimo, you can turn your life around.

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