Fast Money: How Massimo Listened and Learned His Way to an Executive-Level Income

Anybody who’s tried it knows—running your own small business can be tough. Instead of fast money, hard work and long hours can bring the knowledge that you’re losing ground fast. Massimo knows first-hand the problems you take on when you start your own small business. You’re responsible for getting the work, doing the work, and [...]

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How to Get Out of Debt Fast? A Single Mom’s Answer

Leilani learned the hard way that shouldering the financial load as a single mom is no picnic. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 10 million families in this country are led by single mothers. That’s three times the number of single-mom-led families in 1960. And overwhelmingly, they provide for the needs of their households alone. [...]

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Work Less, Earn More: How Tom Followed the “Buddha Blueprint” to Move from a Fortune 100 Company to a Better Life

Life in the corporate fast lane brings lots of perks—good money, great benefits, power, influence. But this kind of success comes with a cost. Too often that cost is paid in poor health, loss of time with family and friends, and diminished quality of life. All work and no play can have more serious consequences [...]

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Bring in a Business Partner? 6 Pros & Cons

Click here to attend a free masterclass! As an entrepreneur or independent professional, you like being in the driver’s seat. But the road to success can be bumpy without a navigator—somebody who’s been there, made the mistakes, learned the lessons, and can give advice. You may need a business partner. A partnership is a [...]

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7 Ways to Be Sure Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Succeeds

Click here to attend a free masterclass! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube…. today’s social media outlets can seem vast and overwhelming. Even if you’re familiar with these platforms for personal reasons, using them to promote your business is a whole different ballpark. Use these following seven ways to ensure your social media [...]

The Benefit of Customer Complaints and 3 Ways to Resolve Them

Click here to attend a free masterclass! Customer complaints. They’re inescapable. But they aren't all bad. Customers don't complain because your business stinks. Customers complain because they’re expectations aren’t being met. The great thing - and yes, there’s a great thing - about customer complaints is that they can provide you with valuable knowledge [...]

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction and 3 Ways to Encourage It

Click here to attend a free masterclass! Many independent professionals claim that customer satisfaction is the newest and best marketing strategy. And, they could be on to something. Here’s why. Winning a customer costs lots of money. Losing a customer costs lots of money. But, retaining a customer costs little money comparatively. Now, it [...]