The Benefit of Customer Complaints and 3 Ways to Resolve Them

Click here to attend a free masterclass! Customer complaints. They’re inescapable. But they aren't all bad. Customers don't complain because your business stinks. Customers complain because they’re expectations aren’t being met. The great thing - and yes, there’s a great thing - about customer complaints is that they can provide you with valuable knowledge [...]

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction and 3 Ways to Encourage It

Click here to attend a free masterclass! Many independent professionals claim that customer satisfaction is the newest and best marketing strategy. And, they could be on to something. Here’s why. Winning a customer costs lots of money. Losing a customer costs lots of money. But, retaining a customer costs little money comparatively. Now, it [...]

How to Pinpoint Trending Topics for Use in Your Blogs

Click here to attend a free masterclass! You’re an entrepreneur or an independent professional. You finally have a blog, and you’re ready to use it to direct traffic to your website and bring in potential clients and sales. Now what? You can’t fill your blog with just anything. To be successful, content has to [...]

Niche Market: How to Build a Business on What You Already Know

Click here to attend a free masterclass! Niches do not exist but are created. By identifying needs, wants, and requirements that are addressed poorly or not at all by other firms, and developing and delivering goods or services to satisfy them.” A niche market is defined as “concentrating all marketing efforts on a small [...]

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Top 12 Reasons to Make the Most of Email Marketing

Click here to attend a free masterclass! 1: Build Name Recognition Email marketing helps you build name recognition for the products or services that you are offering. One you have name recognition customers will be more interested in buying from you than your competitors. 2: Highlight Certain Products or Services With email marketing you [...]

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Low Costs, No Commute, Flexibility & More: Why an Online Business Is Better

Click here to attend a free masterclass! Are you considering making the leap to owning an online business? What’s holding you back? Take a few moments to consider all of the benefits that an online business can offer you, financially and personally. Lose the Commute One of the first things that everyone thinks of [...]

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6 Essential Coaching Techniques to Help You Maximize Your Interpersonal Skills

Click here to attend a free masterclass!   Whether you have 50 employees or you’re flying solo, there are some helpful coaching techniques you can’t ignore if you want to develop dynamic interpersonal skills. Why are interpersonal skills so important in the world of business? First and foremost, these skills provide an entrepreneur or [...]

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