Sales Closing Techniques You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Closing a sale is hard. Even if everything else in the sales process goes right, a clumsy closing or fumbling script can lose the sale. But, what if I told you that you could improve sales conversions with just a few small changes to your sales closing technique? Seasoned salespeople (and sales pages) succeed by [...]

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12 Essential Steps to Getting Organized at Work

We all know that staying organized while working from home can be a challenge. With all the distractions constantly surrounding us, we sometimes don’t even realize how much time we are wasting. Whether you work in an office or at home, organization is key to getting work done and staying ahead. In this article, [...]

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13 Productivity Tips for Home Based Workers

Working from home can be great. Staying productive when you work from home, on the other hand… that can be tough. If you can find ways to keep yourself on track, you’ll have much less stress and get a lot more done. Projects that took two days to complete can suddenly be done in [...]

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47 Small Scale Business Ideas to Start and Grow Earnings Online

Starting a business is hard. The options, road blocks, and decisions can seem endless… how can you know you’re making the right decision? But, what if I told you there are dozens of simple but powerful strategies you can use to increase income you earn online? By understanding the challenges of starting a business [...]

The Ultimate Home Office Guide for Work at Home Moms, Dads, and Young Entrepreneurs

There’s a work-from-home revolution going on. People are sick of spending hours of their day stuck in traffic and cooped up in stuffy offices. Professionals and entrepreneurs want greater work-life balance and lower overhead costs. Moms and dads want to be more available for their kids without sacrificing their income. It can seem like [...]

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The Pros & Cons of Early Retirement

Ever think about early retirement? Tempting, isn’t it? Imagine being free of the pressures and responsibilities of work while you’re young and healthy enough to enjoy life. Think of what you could do with all that time! Travel to exotic places. Spend more time with family. Work on your passion—boat building, golf, growing organic vegetables, [...]

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Entrepreneur Mindset: Is the Glass Half Empty or Full?

We’ve all heard the expression—is the glass half empty or half full? Are you looking at your situation with a positive or negative mindset? I’m here to take that expression to the next level. Our attention has been occupied by the water when really, we should be focusing on the cup. Let me explain: [...]

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Two Success Principles I Found Analyzing Hundreds of Top Businesses

How did the top entrepreneurs of today become successful? What was their journey like? I analyzed hundreds of top businesses and their successful CEOs to find out what drives their success. It all comes down to two major principles. These are principles that I’ve used to grow my own business from $500 to seven figures [...]

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