7 Ways to Be Sure Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Succeeds

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube…. today’s social media outlets can seem vast and overwhelming. Even if you’re familiar with these platforms for personal reasons, using them to promote your business is a whole different ballpark.

Use these following seven ways to ensure your social media marketing strategy is a success.

Know your demographic

Becoming familiar with your demographic is crucial because this will dictate which social media outlets you decide to use. If your company is catered towards the 60+ age range, for example, you’ll probably choose to stay off Twitter and stick to Facebook. If your target demographic consists of parents in their mid 20’s, you may want to focus your social marketing media strategy on Instagram and Pinterest.

Familiarize yourself with each platform

While you may not choose to utilize each one of the social media platforms I mentioned above, you’ll want a general understanding of how each works. What’s the purpose of Facebook? How does it differ from Instagram? Which professionals use Google+ as opposed to LinkedIn? Knowing the age, interests, income level, and location are all helpful tools when perfecting your social media marketing strategy. For instance, you won’t want to market towards a community of businessmen on Instagram; you’ll want to focus your endeavors instead on LinkedIn.

Timing is everything

Like most things in life, timing on social media is crucial. Due to the different algorithms on each social media platform, your followers may or may not see your posts in real time. Your posts may instead be shuffled to the bottom of somebody’s newsfeed if it doesn’t receive good engagement. In order to ensure your posts get good engagement, you want to publish them when most of your followers are online. You can utilize the analytics section of each platform to determine when they’ll be connected.

Use the right lingo

The language you use on social media will be largely determined by your own company culture. If your business sells products that cater towards a younger generation, you have more flexibility to use humor and casual tones in your posts. If you’re selling to a demographic in corporate America, you’ll want your posts to sound professional and get straight to the point.

Be willing to spend money

People like to think that implementing a social media marketing strategy is a good form of free advertising. While it doesn’t cost anything to create most social media accounts, you’ll interact with more consumers if you put money into your social media advertisements. By putting just a few bucks behind your posts, you can promote your business to people other than your followers. You’ll also be prioritized at the top of people’s newsfeeds.

Promote your other social media outlets

You won’t need to create an account on every single social media platform, but you will want to use at least a couple. While you can take an educated guess, you never know for sure which of your demographic uses which platform most often. By cross-promoting your other social media outlets, you give your followers the chance to follow you there as well. This is also helpful because somebody may stumble across your Twitter account and tell a friend who’s in need of your service but only uses Facebook, for example.

Consistency is key

It’s not enough to simply have accounts on various platforms; they must be maintained as well. Posting at least three times a week has been proven to both gain more followers and maintain the ones you have. It’s also important to keep your content fresh and relevant. Nobody wants to open their newsfeeds to continual blatant advertisements. Create posts strictly for entertainment purposes and discover more subtle ways of sneaking in your promotions.

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