7 Rewarding Reasons to Create a Blog Right Now

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As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably been told a few hundred times that you need to create a blog.

Here’s the thing – whoever told you that was right.

But, did they ever tell you why you should create a blog?


Well, you certainly don’t create a blog just for the fun graphics or boundary-pushing headlines to splash on search engines like Pinterest or Google. The influence of a blog can reach far and wide for your business. Here’s what I mean.

1. Establish Your Business as a Leading Authority

For your small business to compete with the big guys and come out on top, you have to have something they don’t have.


When people can rely on you they want to do business with you.

Reliability, in this case, pertains to the information presented in your blog. Basically, when you present yourself like you know what you’re talking about then people will actually believe that you know what you’re talking about.

2. Rank Better on Results Pages

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content reign when it comes to ranking well on the internet. This means that fresh content is a must to rank well. And one of your business goals is to pop up first on a search engine, right?

Well, then create a blog! You can even use long-tailed keywords (highly specific three or four- word key phrases) to strategically target the customers you want to attract.

3. Network with Others in Your Business Niche

It’s true that birds of a feather stick together. The same goes for brands.

For example, if you’re a plumber then you know all the other plumbers in town, right? The same goes for SaaS businesses and eCommerce owners, as well.

Although they are indeed your competition, you can still learn from them. Whether it’s a successful marketing technique, trending website layout, or even a popular sales hook, networking with similar brands can provide you with valuable industry information.

4. Offer Sharing Opportunities via Social Network

Sharing your product on a social network might seem like a solid way to market your product. But, sites like Facebook and Twitter are incredibly oversaturated with “buy now” ads that people ignore.

What does catch their eye? An blog post they actually want to read.

When you create a blog, you provide potential customers with the information they want immediately. In addition, they’ll be more likely to share that content on a social network, too. More visitors to your site means more conversions.

5. Appear as an Expert on Your Product

As mentioned before, you want to establish yourself as a leading authority in your niche. In addition, you want to be seen as an expert.

When you create a blog, you provide vital information about your products and how they can impact someone’s life on a personal level.

More than anything, you’re seen as the “go to” expert in your niche. Not only does this keep people coming back to your blog, but it provides a nice sales funnel for your product or service.

6. Present Your Business as Authentic

Businesses are made up of real people, but they are often viewed as cold and impersonal. Here’s the kicker about this mindset, people want to buy from other people.

So, create a blog to help your business change the cold and impersonal perception. Blog posts (much like this one) are written by real people (like me).

You can present complex information or write a simple post about a customer’s review. The point is, when you create a blog, you have the opportunity to connect with real people aka potential customers.

7. Give Your Brand the Chance for Exposure

The only way to get give your brand the exposure it needs is to find a platform on which you can spread the good word.

A blog is a great communication avenue because you can write about topics that provide a perfect sales funnel for your product.

With the right words, you can draw the right crowd. And the right crowd will give your business conversions. And, that’s the ultimate goal.

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